Analysis Of Playing Firecrackers Habits At Ramadan Month

  • July 24, 2012

Listyo Yuwanto

University of Surabaya Faculty of Psychology

Ramadan is a Blessed month for Muslims, the month that must be treated with the solemnities of worship. On the nights of Ramadan Month, mosques are filled with worshipers whom perform daily prayers of Tarawih and the Tadarus Al Quran Voice is reverberated strengthening the atmosphere of Religious Ramadan Month. However, after entering the Ramadan Month, the noisy and disturbing sound of firecrackers is also starting to appear. There will be pleasure for those who play the firecrackers. However, there are some negative impacts behind this playing firecracker habit.

One of the negative impacts of playing firecrackers that may occur is the threat of firecracker explosion that may cause physical injury. In the last few years, the data shown there are some victims of the firecrackers. The noisy sound of firecrackers can potentially shock those who are asleep or resting due to the sudden firecracker voice and can be threatening other people who have heart problems or are not used to get a surprise like the sudden firecrackers sound. Especially, playing firecrackers on the street will surely disturb the street users. These things are often ignored by people who play firecrackers. For the sake of personal pleasure then other people are disturbed. Is that what we call the Blessing of Ramadan Month? The Ramadan Holy Month is then ruined by the negative behavior of the firecracker players whom pursue personal pleasure.

Thus, a question of whether there is no restriction to play or sell the firecrackers arises. The answer is there is a restriction. There is even a regulation that prohibits people to sell firecrackers that can explode and cause noise. It will also be a punishment for those firecracker sellers and players. However, why till now this firecrackers behavior continues to happen? Do not blame or depend on external conditions such as the firecracker manufacturer or seller and even the government. What about the self awareness of the player? The answer is a lack of self-awareness and the misinterpretation in celebrating something that has been inheritably learned.

Ramadan should be filled with increased awareness and intensity of worship so that the awareness towards the negative things should be increased in an effort to change it into more positive thing. There should be an awareness that the playing the firecrackers is only a momentary pleasure and not useful for ourselves or others. As a form of worship in relationship with others in the world, we ideally should not harmful others. Firecrackers can be played any time and do not necessarily wait for the Ramadan moment or Idul Fitri as well as it can be played anywhere aims not to disturb others. It’s certainly wrong that playing firecrackers is considered the tradition of Ramadan Month. This is because of this habit is passed down from generation to generation. Parents have a significant role to prevent the habit of playing firecrackers considered as a tradition. To children, parents need to give psycho-education addressing that playing firecrackers will not give positive impact. Moreover, parents must also show an example not to play firecrackers. Parents’ behavior is the best example for children. Parents do not just give the material to children in the form of money as compensation to please the children. Children still need parental controls as well as teens so that playing firecrackers in the Ramadan Month no longer becomes a tradition that is handed down from generation to generation. Hopefully this article may stimulate the readers to minimize playing firecracker behavior.

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