The University of Surabaya (Ubaya)’s history began with the desire of the founders to produce graduates who can contribute to the development of the city of Surabaya. Over time, reality proves that Ubaya presence has reached East Java, national, and even international level. The achievement was not by chance but accomplishedby sincere efforts through a series of strategic planning even through the leaps of works to be dedicated to the community.


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PTS Harus Optimalkan Teknologi

Era pasar bebas membuat perguruan tinggi swasta (PTS) harus berjuang untuk memperbaiki kualitas. Salah satu hal yang penting adalah pengoptimalan inovasi teknologi dan kreativitas

To Further Know about Chinese Tradition

The Chinese Village Festival at the University of Surabaya (Ubaya) was so festive yesterday (2/3). Various Chinese traditions were shown in the event held by Ubaya Faculty of Psychology

Ubaya Introduced New Study Program

Bonggol brokoli kerap dibuang. Banyak yang menganggap bonggol itu tidak enak dimakan. Namun, di tangan Ruth Chrisnasari, dosen Program Kekhususan Bionutrisi dan Inovasi Pangan Ubaya.



Cybercrime Before Provincial Elections

The year of 2018 is a hot year before the provincial elections (Pilkada) that will be conducted simultaneously throughout Indonesia. According to Hwian Christianto, S.H., M.H. as a lecturer of Ubaya Faculty of Law

First Experience in NUNI Staff Mobility Program

Being the first in Ubaya to experience the staff mobility program with NUNI (Nationwide University Network) Indonesia fellow members provides unique experience for The Jaya Suteja, S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D

World Food Day

October 16th, 2017 is commemorated as World Food Day. The Global Food Sustainability Index reported that Indonesia is ranked 21st of 133 countries.

Commemoration of Railway Day

History records that on September 28th, 1945 the Central Railway Bandung was taken over from the hands of the Japanese colonial rulers by Indonesian

Price Increases In the Ramadan Momentum

Approaching the Ramadan 2017, the price of foods and vegetables in the market increases, although not as high as in previous years. Dr. Sugeng Hariadi, S.E., M.Sc. as the Ubaya Faculty of Business and Economics lecturer gave his opinion related to this topic.