Politeknik Ubaya is delighted because Business English students have gained a great achievement to close 2008. This is something special since students of Business English Study Program received two outstanding achievements by becoming the second winner of a Writing Competition held by Unika Widya Mandala and the third winner of a Debate Competition held by ITS Foreign Language Society in December.

Those students joined the competition are Made Padmi Shantika  ( Second Winner of Writing Competition), Andy Kurnia Pamungkas (Debater-Third Winner of Debate Competition), Benny Sugianto (Debater-Third Winner of Debate Competition), I Gusti Ayu Komang (Debater-Third Winner of Debate Competition), and Rico Virgi Sagita (Adjudicator).

The competition was participated by universities in Surabaya such as Unair, Unesa, Unika Widya Mandala, ITS and others. The students had to put great efforts in order to win since they were the only participant from Diploma III Program. Yet, they were still able to compete with others and contributed winners for Politeknik Ubaya. Furthermore, in order to achieve such success, a hard work is inevitably needed for they have to experience the same competitions in Malang and Surabaya.
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